The term "Zapatista" comes from the name of Emiliano Zapata (above), a leader in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Like the Zapatistas of today, he was an Indian who fought against a greedy and corrupt federal government. He was betrayed and murdered on April 10, 1919 by the Mexican Army.

ˇViva La Revolución Zapatista!

The ZSC was formed in Sacramento, California on January 3, 1994. We support the Zapatista struggle in Mexico, but are also beginning to work here in the United States. We extend a hand to Zapatista groups and their allies all around the world, in the common struggle for humanity and against neoliberalism (the corporate global order).

We work closely with Peace Action, Sacramentans for International Labor Rights, the Central American Action Committee, Alliance for Democracy, and the Black Radical Congress.

The Zapatista Solidarity Coalition

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